Prince and Pilgrim is a contemporary British gallery which celebrates the best in emerging artistic talent.


Set at the foot of Richmond Hill, the gallery offers a calming space for seasoned collectors and newcomers to discover the right piece for them. Founded in 1995 by four friends joined in their love of art, Prince and Pilgrim grew from the belief there is a place for good original art in every home.


Starting life as a series of pop-up exhibitions in West London, the gallery places originality, quality and family at its core. It is the first London gallery to feature the works of James Mortimer, David Mankin and Holly Razavi, and has held shows across the UK and America. Nearly 30 years later, Prince and Pilgrim continues to champion exciting new talent. 


Since inheriting the gallery from her mum and founder Mimi Harris, Elizabeth Dacre has drawn on her curatorial expertise to bring new artists into the Prince and Pilgrim fold. From Elaine Turnbull to Jitka Palmer, Prince and Pilgrim artists are distinguished by the sense of play and naivety in their works, their brilliant use of colour and ability to bring joy to their viewers. 


Now permanently based in Richmond Hill, the gallery has become a place for friends and family to explore new art and take part in the creative workshops held throughout the year. As Director, Elizabeth shares her experience in fine art to help you choose the perfect piece for your home, with support available including bespoke commissions and advice across different artistic media. 


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